Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. 


 Capt. Scott Campbell - F/V Seabrooke - Deadliest Catch Captain (Discovery Channel Program)

Capt. Scott Campbell - F/V Seabrooke - Deadliest Catch Captain (Discovery Channel Program)

Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. was born in Walla Walla, Washington in 1974. He is a second-generation fisherman, and was a Captain on the Deadliest Catch. He took over the Seabrooke full time in 2008 when his father Scott Sr. retired from the sea. His father is still very active in the management of the boat, as well as attending the political meetings when Scott Jr. is fishing.

Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. began fishing at the age of 15 under his father and would finish his testing for school early so he was able to finish off the opilio seasons and participate in tendering salmon in the summer months. Scott would make it home just in time for football daily doubles. This created a strong work ethic that has followed the Captain throughout his career. After graduating high school, he flew right up to Alaska to start fishing, to his father's dismay. Scott Sr. didn’t want the same life for his son, which entailed long months gone from the family and long hours of work in the brutal Bering Sea. But the passion was strong in the young captain and his mind was set to be a fisherman, no matter what anybody else thought.  At the age of 24, Scott Jr. started being a “relief Captain” for his father. At the age of 26, he ran his first boat. It was a rough start for him on his way out to the fishing grounds when the boat lost power during a storm and he had to run down to the engine room to fix the problem. While below deck, a huge wave hit the side of the boat, throwing Scott on top of the air compressor, which severed his right ring finger. Capt. Scott Jr. now had to make a decision to head 36-hours back to port and miss the opilio season or continue on to the fishing grounds. If the captain returned to port for surgery, the crew would not have made any money to support their families. Fish and Game speculated that the opilio season would only be 7-10 days that year. That time frame, and the bad weather, wouldn’t leave enough time to fly in a new captain. Scott Jr. decided to continue on to the fishing grounds and ended up having a successful season despite the pain and infection that had set in due to the fact the season lasted 28 days. Word spread fast through the fleet that the young captain had heart and would not quit, no matter what the circumstances.

Capt. Scott Jr’s career was sealed after that. In 1999, Scott Campbell Sr. bought into the Seabrooke. In 2002, Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. bought in also. In 2005, they bought the boat outright from the original owner, Stu Ferris.

Currently Capt. Scott Campbell Jr. has retired, but is still co-owner with his father. He lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife Lisa and their two daughters Stormee and Trinidy.


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