Cordova Large Cooler + Cordova Cooler Cart Combo

Cordova Large Cooler + Cordova Cooler Cart Combo


Now – June 30th, save $100 off a Cordova Cooler Cart when you purchase a Large Cooler.

The Large cooler is ideal for longer camping trips, and we love taking these coolers to Baja Mexico for offroad racing. Even with 100-degree outside temps, we have cold beers and ice for days! Our Cordova Cooler Cart makes getting to your #CoolerAdventures that much easier.

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Large Cooler Capacity:

20 lbs. of ice
22 gallons
85 cans (2:1 ice to contents ratio)

Large Cooler Inside Dimensions:

30.50" Length
12.00" Width
13.50" Height

Large Cooler Outside Dimensions:

38.00" Length
17.75" Width
18.75" Height

Large Cooler Weight: 34.50 Pounds

Cooler Cart Weight: 23 lbs

Cooler Cart Dimensions: 29 x 17 x 9 in