Cordova Large Cooler

Cordova Large Cooler

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Cordova's rugged look is capable of going on any adventure. The Cordova Large Size Cooler is unlike all rotational molded coolers on the market today. The Large Size Cooler is ideal for longer camping Trips and we love taking these coolers to Baja Mexico for offroad racing and are confident that even with 100-degree outside temps, we have cold beers and ice for days. This cooler is bigger than the Yeti 110 but not as big as the Yeti 125.

Every Cordova Cooler purchase includes a 4oz sampler of our world class cleaner, deodorizer and odor eliminator. A must have for any adventurer committed to keeping their Cordova Cooler looking good and free from odors and bacteria.


70 lbs. of ice
22 gallons
85 cans (2:1 ice to contents ratio)

Inside dimensions:

30.50" Length
12.00" Width
13.50" Height

Outside dimensions:

38.00" Length
17.75" Width
18.75" Height

Weight: 34.50 Pounds

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With its Gorilla Grip non-skid feet, you can throw this cooler in the back of the truck and be confident it will not slide around. Our patented anodized aluminum handles and integrated bottle openers will make sure you are the spotlight of every party. Inside every Cooler we make, the built in “TruBlue” temperature sensor will tell you when your cooler is ready for action for optimal chilling performance. Our Top Loader latches ensure whatever you have packed around your cooler, you will be able to easily to your ice cold beverage. No matter which size of Cordova Cooler you choose, rest assured that our bear lock system will keep any bear in the wild from drinking your ice cold beer and eating your ham sandwich. Every Cordova Cooler comes with a lid lock system to help stay open while you are getting your food and beverage out. Your Cooler will come Standard Cyclone Delrin drain plug that will be sure not to break or leak like others out there.

What makes a Cordova Cooler Different? The foam used in all Cordova Coolers is an Eco-Friendly foam that has the highest insulation rating of any rotomolded cooler on the market today. We are proud to say that we manufacture our Coolers in the Good ol' USA. We are creating jobs for America and feel that our quality is superior to other coolers on the market today. Sure, you can find a cheap imported rotational molding coolers, but when you are buying a Cordova Cooler, you are supporting American Manufacturing and American Families.