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Inspired By Adventure




our coolers are proudly made in America.



our story

What happens when three lifelong friends and badass adventurers discover their cooler isn’t up to snuff? Well, when you’re the foremost authority on North American big game hunting, a retired Deadliest Catch captain and the west’s leading outdoor cooking guru, you design an icy monster to meet your needs. Raised in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, this trio of extreme outdoor enthusiasts knows what it takes to survive the harshest of environments, and what gear to bring with them. Proudly made in America and with more cooling power than anything else on the market, Cordova Coolers was born. Ice, meet beast.

The Exclusive Cooler of Mastercraft


the new standard of cool

The brainchild of extreme outdoor enthusiasts, Cordova Coolers was born in the glacial tundra of the Pacific Northwest. More than your standard-issue gear, Cordova was designed to fit the actual needs of adventurers when others in the market fell short. In order to create a chilly beast to surpass all others, everything was considered – American ingenuity, durability, convenience and performance. But, most importantly, it was engineered to keep ice frozen longer. So your beer – or whatever else you want to store in it – stays frosty for longer than any other cooler on the market. Because, really, the most important thing about any cooler is that it does exactly that. 


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